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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

IT-InfoSec-CyberSecurity Certifications Entry-Level

Entry Level InfoSec Administration: 

Ruff Draft... below,



Primary contractor alone and or with Subsidiaries, or personal certifications: These are your begin courses and next is InfoSec, (Information Security), all internships are 2-to-4 years, and may-be smudged into 1+yrs by employer, but is unethical/illegal, so do not ask, let your business decide.


Step-1.Contact via phone-call to Headhunter/Job Placement professional. Type into computer-text-file the phone-number of Headhunter business-name, address, contact-names of persons you have contacted. You need to digitally record the conversation for documentation purposes onto your computer, but do not notify the person your are communicating with, because you are not a business; therefore is required by law to notify. Recording phone conversations will allow you to review the conversation and improve your cell-phone/landline communication and presentation skills for the next call. Recording calls is to document information you may have forgotten for later review. and this is mandatory for step#1-&-#2. Very important not to call the same business. The more headhunters you call the better translation you have regards your targeted profession and what the job-market expects of you. Mandatory to digitally record all conversations into your computer or other devices. Reason doing this that you are taking control from them and empowering yourself for documentation and review purposes...


Step-2.Contact via phone-call to your targeted business-name'(s) of future employment after you are confident with step-#1, and phone-freak, social-engineer information regards what certifications are needed to for employment at that specific business; regardless... This is a primary/mandatory gathering of information from businesses to gain better understanding your job-market-professional field  of interests.
NOTE: Do not contact Tech-Schools that cost $30k+ or so for a 3+month course(s), because they are all rip-offs. Technical College Schools with transferable credits nationwide is a primary focus. Virgina-Tech and NMT are not ripoff knockoff schools. Do your in-depth research.

This is entry-level IT/Computer certification, Windows/Linux/MAC-Apple OS:
NOTE: Businesses are not standardized and vary in required certification for employment. So, three or more of these certification are needed or others not listed for basic entry level employment -i.e. all businesses have their variations of requirements.

Standard Certifications:
1.A+ (A+)
2.Network+ (Net+)
3.Security+ (Sec+)
4.IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+)
5.Cisco (CCENT)
6.Cisco Certified Network Associate/Routing & Switching (CCNA)
7.Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)
8.Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
9.Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
10.PMI Certified Associate in project Management (CAPM)
11.Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Non-Standard Certifications, Linux/MAC-Apple/Unix:
12.Apple Certified Associate (ACA)
13.Linux Essentials Professional Development Certification (PDC)
14.RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System
15.LFCS (Linux Foundation Certified System
16.SUSE Certified Administrator. ...
17.CompTIA Linux+ ...
18.GIAC Certified UNIX System Security
19.LPIC-1: Linux Administrator.

These are your certs: your have 8months to acquire all of these.
NOTE: Businesses are not standardized, so these certification are needed or others not listed for InfoSec Entry Level.


IT InfoSec require as mandatory these certs:
Security+->CEH->CISSP->OSCP and most likely in this order.
The order CISSP and OSCP, and CEH doesn't really matter, businesses will vary regards certification requirements. 

You will be required 2-domains-manament for some required certification is why 2-year internship mandatory, or averted via testing.