CryptoURANUS Economics: 08/16/18


Thursday, August 16, 2018


Bitcoin Cash [BCH]:


Bitcoin cash is another branch of bitcoin tree.
It is a peer-to-peer decentralized electronic cash system.
Why? Because of being decentralized cryptocurrency, it doesn’t require any third-party permission to process transactions.

Bitcoin is electronic cash which merchants and users can use with comparably low fee rates to make transactions and transfer to one another.


The core team of the following branches are continually influencing Bitcoin Cash:

  • BCH dev teams (fully decentralized)
  • Bitcoin ABC
  • Bitcoin Unlimited
  • Parity Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin XT
  • nChains
  • Bcoin
  • BTC1
  • Bitprim
  • Bitcrust


Most of the tech world know the emerging technology of Bitcoin where the data block is used to fulfill the core functionalities. 
But after fast-growing traffic on bitcoin, those data blocks started filling up quickly and faster than ever before which results in slower transaction rates. 
These were the core issues which were eventually taken into consideration while switching to BCH. 
Because bitcoin needed to increase the block size and the fork.


  • Faster block generation which speeds up the transaction rate for miner & users both.
  • It is reliable because of being decentralized platform.
  • Bitcoin cash is highly efficient because there is no congestion.
  • Simpler and easy to use for those are new in cryptocurrency platforms.


  • Because of larger block, it sometimes ends up with no control over network.
  • Consume more power and resources to process larger blocks.
  • Even though being one of Bitcoins fan it doesn’t get popularity.
  • People have trust issues because of rumors.