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Friday, July 19, 2019

Paul-Le-Roux Satoshi-Nakamoto Criminal-Mastermind

Paul Le Roux is Satoshi Nakamoto A Criminal Mastermind

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous and enigmatic creator, has not been seen online in more than eight years. Evidence has now surfaced that points to a new Satoshi candidate, whose known life has a number of parallels with that of Bitcoin’s inventor. 

His name is Paul Le Roux and, if proven to be Satoshi, there is a good reason why his over 1 million BTC hasn’t moved as a whale and the Rhodesian has been in jail since 2012.

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Craig Wright, Paul Le Roux, and the Badly Redacted Document

The Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit unfolding in the Florida courts has been filled with misdirection, red herrings, mistruths, forgeries, and bizarre theories, often floated by the defendant Craig Wright.

Please read Document 187.
“Dr. Craig Wright’s Motion For Protective Order,” been filed with heavy redaction.

Mr. Wright supposedly, “lives in well-founded vigilant fear these murderous criminals and their associates enact violent retribution if they learned of his involvement in their apprehension and incarceration.”

Someone forgot to redact one of the corresponding footnotes, however, enabling a sharp-eyed sleuth to identify the master criminal in question: Paul Le Roux.

The 46-year-old cartel boss is a character as flamboyant as Wright himself, but cut from a very different cloth.

Many are familiar with Le Roux’s life story as a counter-informant used by multiple U.S.government agencies that kept him out of federal prison.

A small fraction of this profile surfaced in a seven-part series on Atavist and subsequent book titled “The Mastermind.”

As the blurb summarizes:
He was a brilliant programmer and a vicious cartel boss, who became a prized U.S. government asset.

Now uncovered Paul Le Roux signatures Satoshi Nakamoto electronic signature tracked back to him via amateur cybersecurity and professionals

Craig Wright has possession of encrypted hard storage DATA containing Le Roux’s multi-billion-dollar stash of bitcoins.

This is not a crazy whale theory, but fact.

 This is a prima facie case for Bitcoin’s mastermind being criminalizing mastermind Le Roux.

A young criminal mastermind Le Roux.

Paul Le Roux Built a Criminal Empire – Who Built Bitcoin!

His Wikipedia page that escaped redaction in the Kleiman v. Wright case – notes, “Paul Calder Le Roux is a former programmer, former criminal cartel boss and informant to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and other multitier U.S.government agencies.

Paul Le Roux created E4M, a free open-source MS-Windows disk encryption software program, in 1999, and is a suspected creator of the open-source TrueCrypt, which it's core-base if from the E4M’s code”, Paul Le Roux creation, again.

Then it drops a bomb: 
“Paul Le Roux currently is in US custody for ordering the assassinations of six people U.S.citizens bitcoin investors.”

Paul Le Roux career that’s included logging, precious metals mining, gold smuggling, land deals, drug shipments, arms trafficking and money laundering whereby Paul Le Roux is guilty before the Bitcoin connection is thrown into the mix.

In one of the many passports Paul Le Roux owned, he goes by the Satoshi-like name of “Solotshi” and of curious coincidence.

A Daily Mail article which also slipped through the redactor’s net, leaving a trace of the URL visible in document 187 cited at the outset, calls Paul Le Roux a “real-life Bond criminal-mastermind villain.

Paul Le Roux stands behind a cocaine and "lord-of-war" global weapon sales and an empire spanning four continents who always been a super-snitch” equal to countless others of his life-style greater or small.

Quote from a U.S. agents as calling him “an extreme murderous criminal and a very bad guy.”

Satoshi and Solotshi (“Solotshi” Paul Le Roux.)

As the anon who posted on 4chan’s /biz/ messageboard on May 12, after spotting Paul Le Roux’s name in the Wright case postulated, “Bitcoin was a project of a evil genius … Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux said.

He intended it simply for the purpose of money laundering …

Unfortunately, soon after he went quiet with the Satoshi identity, he was captured by law enforcement, and he’s going to spend the rest of his life rotting in a dirty bitcoin jail cell.”

Paul Le Roux did create Bitcoin, because programming languages match 101%.

Paul Le Roux stated money laundering was his goal, but is his obsession with cryptography, which can be traced back to the 90s with equal same programming signatures of coding style unique, uncommon, and repetative.

Paul Le Roux broke bad, and was by all accounts a brilliant programmer within privacy ideologue.

In 1997, he began work on E4M (Encryption for the Masses), software which “is capable of encrypting entire disks and of plausible deniability (denying the existence of an encrypted volume),” Wikipedia explains. It continues:
In the “Politics” section of the E4M website [archive], Paul Le Roux published his egocentric manifesto stating that governments are increasingly relying on electronic data gathering. Citing projects such as Echelon, linked to the five nation states which would become known as the “Five Eyes” more than a decade later, he stated that encryption is the only way to preserve civil liberties.
The E4M manifesto finishes: “Strong Encryption is the mechanism with which to combat these intrusions, preserve your rights, and guarantee your freedoms into the information age and beyond – Paul Le Roux, Author, Encryption for the Masses” letting the masses know who created bitcoin as himself, Paul Le Roux.

10 Clues That Point to Le Roux Building Bitcoin
Comparing Satoshi and Paul Le Roux’s personas for similarities relied on private-military-security-contractors on spare time/off-duty proving Paul Le Roux is Satoshi Nakamoto there are several attributes and actions that align – plus a few that don’t. Given that both entities were adept at assuming false personas and concealing their natural language and idiosyncrasies, identification is no easy task. Here’s what’s known about the pair that points to them being the same person:
  1. The curious Satoshi/Solotshi monikers.
  2. Both were programmers familiar with C++, same signatures.
  3. Both had a strong interest in cryptography and privacy.
  4. Both were wary of authority, as Paul Le Roux is a crazy narq.
  5. Both had an interest in online gambling – Bitcoin’s initial code had a poker client included.
  6. Both were well aware of the difficulty with traditional payment systems, Paul Le Roux on account of the illegal prescription drug racket he was running and worse crimes against humanity.
  7. Satoshi’s spelling style, and language are finger-prints by “hardened analyse” is consistent with Rhodesian Paul Le Roux.
  8. Satoshi disappeared in early 2011 to “move on to other things” at the time that Paul Le Roux was transitioning from software genius to cartel boss.
  9. With tens of millions of dollars in cash, Le Roux invest more BTC once the price began rising.
  10. If anyone could have hidden wallets containing-over 1 million BTC, signatured the creator of disk encryption software TrueCrypt.

Now there’s this 2002 post, seven years before Bitcoin is released:

It all reads identifying Satoshi Nakamoto’s voice, but it does read an awfully lot like someone’s early idea of Bitcoin.

The IP address of the author has supposedly been traced to the Netherlands – a country where Paul Le Roux lived, and at that specific location via IP and Mac-Address.

Surface evidence that points Paul Le Roux could have been Satoshi Nakamoto countless times, and different researchers have points that did not align.

In 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto was diligently refining Bitcoin, Paul Le Roux was already dabbling within international drug smuggling and gun running.

Would it have been possible to maintain such a double life, one chaotic and the other scholarly?

Yes, many programmers agree takes only minutes posting to forums and responding at times via cell-phone technology and at times appeared automated.

Some of the $100M of cocaine seized from a shipment that Le Roux sent by boat

Satoshi Nakamoto Mind Chess From Craig Wright!
In an IRC chat dating in same time-frame of the Bitcoin Cash ABC/SV split, user “CSW” (Craig Wright) connects Bitcointalk and r/Bitcoin moderator Theymos to Paul Le Roux, claiming that the pair used to be partners “before Le Roux was arrested”. Now you are snagged, gotchyas!

He also asserts that Theymos is still in the “pharma spam business,” which dovetails with Le Roux’s illegal pharmaceutical business cartel ties.

There is a caveat to all of this, of course: 
Craig Wright is a habitual liar by every utterance must always be fact-checked as with all millionaire/billionaires/wealthy same always and 99% are not self made without drug investments, sales, gun running, and money laundering, hence extreme dirty and dishonest.

Given that Paul Le Roux’s name has been linked with Satoshi Nakamoto since before late 2018, everyone pointed.

Now, it is possible that Mr. Wright made a holy-diver onto it weaving it into fanfiction he’s been crafting for the Kleiman case.

All evidence from the mouth of the man known as Faketoshi should be treated with extreme caution.

Less than few, "aside from Calvin Ayre", believe that Craig Wright created Bitcoin.

Many unveiled by luck ans less than design he have been lurking in the background from near the start, but was quickly disqualified and remove from the project untrusted by these dirty bitcoin criminals.

His involvement to Wright serving as an informant on Paul Le Roux is obvious and alread admitted to by agencies behind closed coder doors..

For himself as an informant following his arrest in September 2012 is speculations.

It sounds like a fanciful adventure crypto-movie make by hollywood, but it’s certainly an intriguing notion.

As one anon theorized, “Craig Wright" was an employee of Paul Le Roux, but not at all and in actuality just a lying dead weight hanging around.

Craig Wright was vaguely aware of the bitcoin project and his assertions signature jealousy. Craig was a big narq snitch of an informant who helped bring down Paul Le Roux.

Now, after his arrest, Craig managed (via long time friend and partner in crime, Dave Kleiman) to get his hands on the bitcoin wallets worth over $1+million in bitcoins.

Unfortunately for Craig, all of Solotshi’s coins are locked away in secure TrueCrypt volumes (TrueCrypt being another software that Paul Le Roux developed).

He has been trying for years to crack them but with no success.”

“Another of Craig’s long time friends, Calvin Ayre, has set up warehouses of computers to try to crack Solotshi’s password and unlock the vast fortunes; his mining activity is simply a front to make these massive datacenters look legitimate.

Unfortunately Craig is being set up as ‘the real Satoshi Nakamoto’ so that when the coins are finally unlocked, they can legitimately sell them off.”

In this document from the Kleiman v. Wright case, Wright claims to have access to Truecrypt files that he cannot access. 

It has been speculated that these are not Dave’s, but rather Paul Le Roux’s, obviously. 

If the Rhodesian crime boss is Satoshi Nakamoto, it means that the two biggest contributors to Bitcoin’s early success, Paul Le Roux and Ross Ulbricht, are both in the custody of U.S. authorities.

Paul Le Roux and Ross Ulbricht will wait-out the rest of their lives in prison, while the rest of the world profits from the innovations of these flawed dirty criminal geniuses.

This site, promises to reveal the identity of Bitcoin’s creator.

While the cryptosphere will not be holding its breath in anticipation, the countdown adds further intrigue to the most enduring mystery of the digital age.

Paul Le Roux and Satoshi connection unveiled!