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Primordial god of the sky
Aion mosaic Glyptothek Munich W504.jpg
Aion-Uranus with Terra (Greek Gaia) on mosaic
SymbolZodiac Wheel
Personal information
ChildrenThe Titans, the Cyclopes, the Meliae, the Erinyes (Furies), the Giants, the Hekatonkheires and Aphrodite[1]
ParentsGaia (Hesiod) or
Aether and Gaia or
Aether and Hemera or
Roman equivalentCaelus
Mesopotamian equivalentAnu

Uranus (/ˈjʊərənəs, jʊəˈrnəs/; Ancient Greek Οὐρανός, Ouranos [uranós] meaning "sky" or "heaven") was the primal Greek god personifying the sky and one of the Greek primordial deities. Uranus is associated with the Roman god Caelus.[2][3][4] In Ancient Greek literature, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, but other sources cite Aether as his father.[5] Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans, and the ancestors of most of the Greek gods, but no cult addressed directly to Uranus survived into Classical times,[6] and Uranus does not appear among the usual themes of Greek painted pottery. Elemental Earth, Sky, and Styx might be joined, however, in a solemn invocation in Homeric epic.[7]

Uranus – radical change, and technology

OpEditor's Thoughts:

You probably assume that the future will closely resemble the present, but what you didn’t count on was Uranus – the planet of radical change. Uranus is no ordinary planet. He’s an extremist with a rebellious attitude – a highly disruptive change-agent – and there have been more changes in the past 100 years than in the preceding 5,000. The world today simply represents the outcome so far.

What are Good Descriptions of Uranus:

- Prospectively placing URANUS as an astrological eccentricity – an oddity – an originator, inventor, innovator, independent thinker, rebel, maverick, fringe-dweller, bohemian and misfit. He’s the book of amazing revelations, the champion of human rights, the reform agenda and the spirit of rebellion. He dislikes the way things are and wants change. He’s changing the way you live, think and play. He represents difference – religious, political and sexual difference – and your right to display and celebrate your difference and be respected.

You know that Uranus is the planet of amazing discoveries:

- like the mapping of the human genome. He’s a rebel with a cause – the instigator of radical proposals like same-sex marriage and the new and untried like sustainable energy. He’s the exposé planet – the whistle blower that delights in exposing fraud, corruption and bad behavior. He’s smart, clever, inventive, original, charismatic and progressive – a dynamic new-age thinker. He’s a law unto himself and the equal of any man. And he can change the status quo with cataclysmic suddenness.

Uranus is Political:

- Did you know URANUS is the planet of democracy, but the push to spread democracy can be an attempt to control and change other people’s differences – to make them more like ourselves. So he’s transmitting an important astral e-mail – difference must be respected, not changed. In business Uranus represents invention and unusual methods. He favors government ownership of public utilities as a method of preventing exploitation, monopoly practices and graft. And socially he represents social technology – facebook and twitter – and the role technology plays in attaining human rights, including your right to say what you think.

About Uranus:

- The Planet URANUS is the planet of revolutions and revolutionary change and there’s an Aquarian Age revolution happening right now. There’s a political revolution, a social revolution, a sexual revolution, a science vs. religion revolution, a God vs. evolution revolution, a financial revolution, an economic revolution, a communications revolution, a self-discovery revolution and a spiritual revolution and Uranus in the sky is transmitting a revolutionary astral message: The revolution starts with you.

Think innovation and technology:

He’s, (Uranus), the force behind the technology revolution and he’s taking the world on a roller coaster ride of invention and discovery. He’s the technological solution – the reliance on technology to solve all the world’s problems – and the savior of the human race. He’s the electronic superstar who’s hard-wiring the world.

-He, (Uranus), invented the electronic jungle, the information super highway, the world-wide-web, google, e-mail, electronic fun, surveillance cameras, I-pods and smart phones. He’s inventing medical technology, nanotechnology, robots and audio translators. Uranus is gadget heaven but gadgets don’t change human behavior and cell phones won’t solve the world’s problems.

Uranus represents the radicals: 

He’s, (Uranus), the extreme in political thought – the hard right and the extreme left. And the radical extremist and conservative hardliner are both fighting for what they think is right. Uranus is the insurgent who resorts to extremist violence, the white supremacist spreading racist hate and the shock-jock stirring up social discord. Each one resorts to violence – guns, bombs and inflammatory rhetoric – in order to protect their extreme position and attain their radical objectives.

Uranus is the planet of radicalization, discontentment, dissension, social unrest, civil disobedience, riots, demonstrations, protests, violent protests, anti-violence protests, rebellions, uprisings, revolutions and flaming oratory. He’s a human rights activist and the working man’s friend.

He, (Uranus), unites workers into unions and works to better their work-place conditions. He agitates for shorter hours and increased wages. Uranus influences the labor unions and the methods they employ to attain their ends – strikes and boycotts – but direct action and rugged individualism lack a spirit of cooperation and sense of unity, and discontentment within the ranks and leadership very often derails the well laid plans.

Uranus is the planet of individual liberty – the freedom to live your life the way you want:

He, (Uranus), abhors restraint of any kind, but the right to pursue wealth and power free from political and legal restraint is socially dangerous – it often lacks a moral conscience and sense of social responsibility. Uranus is the planet of reform and reform movements of all kinds, but if the social reform proves unsatisfactory he swings the pendulum back in the opposite direction – returning to past ideas and methods that had been previously discarded.

Uranus is the planet of exposure, research work, evidence-based scientific research, progressive thinking, brilliant ideas, experimental experiences, electricity and electronics. He’s the planet of racism, racial tensions, extremist violence, cataclysmic change, unforeseen events, ultra-progressive thinking, the occult, astrology, innovative methods, radical thinkers, insurgents and extremists. He’s a revolutionary change-agent – the astrological marker for unexpected happenings, sudden change, remarkable events, radical cultural developments, freedom and liberty.

Uranus promises a spectacular future. He offers freedom and liberty – not through wealth and technology but through self-understanding, doing and less dependence on external things. He recognizes that technology when intelligently employed can make your life better, but it’s a tool – not a happiness provider.

He, (Uranus), invites you to navigate by the stars, join the human-rights revolution and liberate yourself from the culture of compulsive consumerism. The public is not yet ready for the sensational revelations and awesome truths he proposes, but they are available and when the conditions on planet Earth favor their disclosure get ready for the greatest revolution of all.

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