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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Microbitcoin [uBTC]: Defined in CryptoCurrency

Microbitcoin [uBTC]:
Defined in CryptoCurrency

The mission of UnitedBitcion is to find a purpose for lost Bitcoin and inactive wallets and create a stable cryptocurrency system through an association of joint credit and smart contracts.

Microbitcoin, also known as the abbreviation uBTC, is one millionth of a bitcoin or 0.000001 of a bitcoin. 

uBTC=microbitcoin=1 millionth of a bitcoin=0.000001BTC

mBTC is equivalent to a Millibitcion which equates to 1 thousandth of a Bitcoin and numerically represented as 0.001BTC.
Similarly, uBTC is equivalent to a microbitcoin which equates to 1 millionth of a Bitcoin and numerically represented as 0.000001BTC.

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