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Monday, August 20, 2018

Quantum-[QTUM]: Defined in CryptoCurrency

Quantum-[QTUM]: Defined


Qtum is a decentralized blockchain platform with dApp and turing-coplete smart contract functionalities while still mantaining a an Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) transaction model.

Qtum employs a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. QTUM is the underlying value token in the Qtum blockchain.


Qtum (quantum) is a mix of Ethereum and Bitcoin. It uses the most significant smart contracts of Ethereum and Bitcoin’s blockchain to complete its platform.

Qtum used proof of stake 3.0 consensus protocol for verification.

The main idea behind this project was to make smart contract much easier and secure for use with the tag of interoperability with other well-established cryptocurrencies.


Patrick Dai – Founder
Jordan Earls – Core Developer
Jeffrey Wernick - Advisor


  • Qtum, Quantum, Ethereum Virtual Machine & Bitcoin UTXO verification
  • Quantum [Qtum], is a mix of two stable names Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Qtum uses the version of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine that makes smart contracts but uses its own custom language for smart contract creation for transactions.
  • Whereas those smart contracts run on the UTXO verification model.


  • Best features of two best coin (mix of Ethereum & Bitcoin).
  • The latest consensus protocol Proof of Stake 3.0.
  • Completability with separate transaction signature.
  • Unspent Transaction outputs (UTXO) model; proven to be best blockchain model.


  • There are no minimum staking numbers defined.
  • Doubted history of Co-Founder Patrick Dai who was accused of defrauding.
  • BTC UTXO limitation can create challenges which are avoided by Ethereum. 

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