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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cardano-Coin: Defined in CryptoCurrency

Cardano-Coin [ADA]:


Cardano is known as a technology platform of Ada cryptocurrency which is more than just a crypto. It is used to send & receive funds that are secure through cryptography. 

Cardano has ha digital cash which depicts the future of digital funds and their transfer mechanism. 

The whole platform is in developing the process where each layer has its own function and flexibility in regard to adaptation and modification to current needs.

This is the only crypto project which is developed on the basis of scientific philosophy and compromises on the research from academics & engineers around the globe.



Cardano was founded by the co-founder of Ethereum in 2015.

  1. Charles Hoskinson – Founder -

  2. Jeremy Wood – Co-Founder -


    There are 3 generations of blockchain in the market now where all crypto projects are being developed.

    1. Generation 1: Bitcoin and Money Transfer

    2. Generation 2: Ethereum and Smart Contracts And the most recent one is:

    3. Generation 3: Cardano


    It’s founder Hoskinson wanted to stay a step ahead from the world because of few mostly addressed problems including Scalability, Interoperability. And Sustainability.



        1. More reliable than other crypto platforms.

        2. Proof of stake validation eliminates the need for extra machines.

        3. It is a two-layered system where each layer is responsible for a complete task.

        4. Working more on interoperability of different crypto platforms.



              1. Flaw in Proof of Stak.

              2. Unproven & Untested Platform.

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