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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dash-Coin [DASH]: Defined in CryptoCurrency

Dash-Coin [DASH]:

About DASH:

Dash (DASH) uses a new chained hashing algorithm approach, with many new scientific hashing algorithms for the proof-of-work. 

The DASH Coin aims to be the first privacy-centric cryptographic currency with fully encrypted transactions and anonymous block transactions, this feature is called PrivateSend and can be found on the official Dashcore wallet.

PrivateSend mixes your DASH coins with other users who are also using this feature at the time, making your transactions untraceable. 

Users can also earn Dash rewards by hosting a master node to help maintain the Blockchain. One must have a balance of at least 1000 DASH in order to host a Dash master node, this collateral is required to avoid 51% attacks on the network. Here is the Masternode stats from


The Dash Cryptocurrency strongly focuses on the payment industry while offering a form of money that is fast, inexpensive, portable and divisible.

Dash was first known as XCoin (2014) and Dashcoin Can be spent online and offline in the same time with a minimal transaction fee.

It is user-friendly and also suitable for scalable payments.

Currently offers instant transactions and private transactions and operates a self-governing and self-funding model that enables the Dash network to pay individuals and businesses for work that adds value to the network.

Dash has its own budgeting and decentralized governance system which makes its first successful decentralized autonomous organization.

See the graph below which shows how Dash’s masternodes network grown since 2014...


We can imagine Dash as a digital cash, which can be spent easily and instantly online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. 

Dash has a revolutionary governance and funding infrastructure over a decentralized framework and uses over 4000 masternodes to verify transactions.  

Dash InstantSend fully confirms payments in 1-4 seconds and uses the second-tier masternode network to lock a transaction. 

This makes Dash perfect for retail adoption and direct payments and we can say that it works like a decentralized digital cash. 

It also protects personal spending habits and business trade secrets with a system of decentralized mixing called PrivateSend. 

PrivateSend keeps your transactions private and fungible.  

Evolution with is a tiered network design and works to provide efficient financial services along with Decentralized API (DAPI) access and a decentralized file system. 

It significantly improves the usability of wallets and the blockchain. 

DashDrive –blockchain and encrypted user data storage in masternodes. This allows for a 10,000x growth of the blockchain withoutsacrificing performance. 

DAPI – decentralized API, which allows users to access the network securely.

DashPay Wallets–decentralized light clients connected via DAPI.

Social Wallet–a social wallet, which allows contacts lists, grouping of users, shared accounts and multi-user merchant account access.

Nearly Unlimited Transaction Speed–with Dash Evolution the transaction speed is estimated to increase to 10,000 transactions per second.


  • It has a $2,5 million budget for the monthly development. 
  • The 90% of it are split of its block reward, or new coins created every month, evenly between miners and masternode stakeholders, with the remaining 10% up for grabs for whichever projects those masternodes vote to approve. 
  • This is the thing which gives the Dash competitive advantage over almost every other coin.
  • Dash is more decentralized than other coins: -The reason is that Dash has a CEO and Because of the governance system mentioned earlier, investors, rather than remain helpless or attempt to whip up mining farms and try to hire another development team out of their own pocket, can actually vote on the direction of funding and development.
  • Dash figured out Bitcoin’s scaling and consensus problem: - Two problems are holding over the Bitcoin – scaling and consensus. 
  • Dash solved both of them. Dash adopted a voting mechanism and has a perfect roadmap, which shows exactly how to be able to offer cheap and instant transactions at a rate of 4,000 or more per second, how to get to that point and how incentivize the nodes which are necessary to run the network.
  • Dash has never broken its privacy feature with a substancial bounty to prove otherwise. 
  • Even it could be easy to forget that Dash has airtight optional privacy features. 
  • Known before as Darkcoin, Dash came back in 2014 and since this time the PrivateSend has never been broken.
  • It „asks“ for a mass adoption: - Dash is on its way for a mass adoption. 
  • We can see that while oher cryptocurrencies are stucked in an insular world of limited use, Dash is tailor-making a digital currency experience for everyone and when finished, it will use its considerable budget to be spread like a wildfire.


  • It seems like it’s pretty hard to find a disadvantage about the Dash cryptocurrency, but there are some. 
  • We still have to realize that all cryptocurrencies are very young and they could still fail, so can Dash. 
  • Here are the most frequented Dash disadvantages: -Its own current name - Some people can for example hate the name "Dash“, mostly because you cannot find it easy online or in the Google search. 
  • Dash are also some totally different products and they can’t be connected with the Dash cryptocurrency at all.
  • The Dash Team: - Another weakness can be seen in the core Dash team.
  • Too many failed projects and wasted money plus the fact that the team had spent so much time and resources on relationships with exchanges and other businesses, rather that channeling resources toward actual usage of the currency in the real world.
  • Early-stage projects: - It could be seen that Dash will have a problems with its early-stage projects in the future. 
  • Too many transactions on the Dash blockchain, not enough merchants accepting Dash and only a few people who use Dash Daily. 
  • For Dash it seems to be a must to change its long-term „life“ a little bit.
  • Dash(coin) = Sh*tcoin? - Dash is sometimes critized and called a „centralized shitcoin“. 
  • The reason are projects which failed its developer Evan Duffield. He is an owner of a substantial part od Dash and thanks to this he can aggressively reduce its price.

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