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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Use-Case: Defined in CryptoCurrency

Use-Case: Defined

A use case is defined as any possible way a technology or tool could be used.

Originally a software term, use case has evolved to mean any possible way something could be used, especially in some way that provides value to its us

Project Overview:

  • The Stellar payments system exists to move money as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Boasting tiny fees, 3-5 second confirmation times, and a throughput of thousands of transactions per second.
  • Stellar has been established as one of the leading payment cryptocurrencies on the market.
  • Cryptocurrencies like Stellar are the biggest current Use-Case is working as a connection service between fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • To allowing both financial institutions and individuals to make fast and reliable payments is a breakthrough.
  • Stellar has made a concentrated effort to serve migrant workers who go abroad to make a living and send money back to their families in developing countries.
  • Depending on your own personal circumstances, you might not immediately recognize how big of a Use-Case this is.
  • International transactions involving migrant workers accounts for a multi-billion dollar industry.
  • This billion dollar industry is one that has thus far been exploited by services such as Western Union.
  • Stellar-Coin is adamantly leading the way, because migrant workers are quickly the earlier adopters of blockchain technology.
  • Migrant workers are just one of many  Use-Case.
  • The scope of Stellar covers remittance payments, international settlements, cross-border transactions, and much more.
  • The total addressable market is worth tens of trillions of dollars more the federal reserve private banking all-family owned businesses.
  • Stellar-Coins still have a whole lot of room for growth.

The Enigma Project For Privacy Advocates:

Here’s an exciting project for all the privacy advocates out there!

  • Enigma isn’t a standalone cryptocurrency or a smart contract platform.
  • Enigma-Coins are a privacy protocol that can augment other blockchains with privacy features.
  • People across the developing world are slowly waking up to the fact that privacy isn’t just important for people who “have something to hide.”
  • The amount of data being collected on each and every one of us online is downright George Orwell 1984 and the Matrix movies combined.
  • The only way not care about privacy anymore is to be ignorant of how bad the issue has become.
  • Just ask Alexa what time it’s going to rain today? 
  • Alexa will answer: "See ads for designer umbrellas and rain jackets the next time you open Instagram, tell your friends and loved ones."
  • Or, if you want to take a look at where this is all headed, read about China’s social credit system.
  • The worst case scenario is like(?), the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror will probably do the trick.
  • Privacy matters whether you “have something to hide” or not.
  • The emergence of blockchain infrastructure have the chance to solve the problem of consumer privacy once and for all.

About Your Privacy!

  • Privacy cryptocurrency features are not exactly easy to include in just any old blockchain.
  • Privacy requires some complex cryptography developed by highly capable programmers.
  • This sheds light back to Enigma the private-banking industry.
  • The protocol transforms “smart contracts” into “secret contracts,” such that nodes can process data without being able to see the data’s actual contents.
  • Your internet service provider and all the apps on your phone worked same privacy as with Enigma, no-one can see your data?  
  • This is the future that blockchain creates, and Enigma is here to usher the future in. 

Why You Should Watch Enigma?

  • 2018 of September is set to be a milestone month for Enigma.
  • Their mainnet going live by the end of the month.
  • It is one of our most anticipated mainnet launches for the end of 2018. 
  • This may resolve into further evidence of Ethereum’s industry-leading development community.
  • The strong Use-Case in personal data, healthcare and genomics, credit, and the Internet of Things, among others, Enigma’s first-of-its-kind solution has truly world-changing potential.
  • Enigma already supports an application, Catalyst, that provides a solid proof of concept before the mainnet even launches.
  • Enigma is the newest project on this list.
  • Enigma is already poised to start making a big impact in the crypto industry.

September is the beginning of a bright, bright future for these CryptoCurrencies.

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